Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Social 'security' cartoon ; On the dole cartoon ; Job centre cartoon

Social 'security' cartoon. My local Job Centre Plus used to have 5 phone booths for jobseekers to ring up and enquire about their benefits or ring up for a job interview. About a week ago only one phone booth was working. Is this spending cuts Britain ? It seems that the very poor in society are being made to feel the brunt of the Government's attempts at reducing the deficit but I have been told that only 4 or 5 people are being employed by the Government to investigate corporation giant tax avoidance.Ps, the government prefers the term 'social security' to 'welfare benefit' ( Daily Politics show ) so that's what this cartoon is called.

Flood cartoon 2014 - to post

Flood cartoon - to post

Thursday, 31 October 2013

The SCREAM Halloween 2013 cartoon ; The Cyber Mermaid cartoon blog

The SCREAM Halloween 2013 cartoon

Jobsearch cartoon ; Virtual Jobseeker cartoon ; Jobwatch cartoon

 Notes : Story behind the workman's boot - a classmate of mine had asked the secretary of Job Club for a pair of steel capped workman's boots for his bin man induction day and ended up being given soft plastic shoes instead. My experience of Job Club was one of overcrowding, of computer wires dangling from a hole in the corner of the room and of not enough seats for bums.